How Many Firearms Were Seized At Canada’s Borders In 2023?

 Canada Global(Web News) In 2023, while the number of tourists has increased in Canada, there has also been an increase in weapons and drugs being transported across the border.

About 73.7 million travelers entered Canada between January 1 and October 31, a 46 percent increase over 2022. The data came during the Canada Border Services Agency’s 2023 review. Most travelers enter Mississauga through Pearson Airport. CBSA spokesman Adam James said 12·3 million people visited during the period.

Across Canada, 29·2 million passengers arrived in Canada by air, 40·8 million by land, 3·4 million by sea and 248,200 by rail. About 59,500 people entered Canada seeking asylum. Of these, 22,200 were Afghans and 169,100 were Ukrainians. About 387,100 international students came to Canada. Such figures were expected even after the end of the epidemic.

Along with the increase in tourism, illegal activities also increased. Between January 1 and October 31, the CBSA recovered 13,800 arms and ammunition, a 75 percent increase over 2022. In the GTA, which includes Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo, 49 firearms and 842 improvised weapons were recovered. 6200 Prohibited Arms Exported.

In addition, 50,800 kilograms of narcotics, narcotics and chemicals were recovered entering Canada. A 35% increase was recorded in these compared to 2022. The recovered drugs include 0·56 kg of fentanyl, 88 kg of heroin, 1,475 kg of cocaine, 46,451 kg of other drugs. A 61 percent increase was seen in such cases compared to 2022. Meanwhile, 12 missing children were also reunited with their families or loved ones. This was made possible through the “Are Missing Children” program.

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