How is eating potato, tomato and eggplant for cancer patients?

Canada Global(Web News) Cancer is a deadly disease, although cancer is not incurable, its treatment is possible in Pakistan, but its treatment is so expensive that it is not possible for the common man to get treatment. After research, experts believe that potatoes, tomatoes And chemicals in eggplant may help fight cancer.

According to Polish researchers, studies show that glycoalkaloids (which naturally occur in chili peppers, goji berries and huckleberries

) have some anti-cancer properties.
Researchers believe that these active compounds in the vegetable can protect patients from the dangerous side effects of conventional treatments
can help avoid Chemotherapy, the most successful way to kill cancer cells, hair loss, nausea
And can cause many side effects like fatigue
Because drugs target cancer cells as well as healthy cells in the body.

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