Hamas Leader Will Not Give Up Palestinian Rights

 Canada Global (Web News) The main leader of Hamas, Dr. Sami Abu Zahri, says that the US is participating in the aggression against Gaza, but despite this, Israel is sinking into the soil of Gaza.

Dr. Sami Abu Zahri, the leader of Hamas, said that the American administration should admit its mistake and re-evaluate its wrong position because Israel committed major crimes in Gaza due to the wrong position of the US administration. Dr. Sami Abu Zahri. said that the US administration is participating in the aggression against Gaza. The Zionist army, with the support of the United States and the West, killed 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza. America should work for a cease-fire in Gaza. He said that Hamas is too strong to end the Israeli occupation, Israel is drowning in the soil of Gaza, Israel will not be able to get its prisoners alive before paying the price of aggression.

Dr. Sami Abu Zahri said that Hamas is trying to stop the aggression against its Palestinian people, we cannot reach an agreement before the end of the Israeli aggression. Will not give up. It should be noted that 90 days of Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza have been completed, more than 22,000 people have been martyred and 60,000 have been injured so far due to the Israeli bombardment on Gaza, while millions of people have been displaced.

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