Gmail Account Can Be Hacked Without Password?

 Canada Global (Web News) Security researchers have discovered a flaw in Gmail that allows hackers to access people’s Gmail accounts without passwords.

An analysis by security company CloudSEK has found that a dangerous type of malware can use third-party cookies to gain illegal access to people’s private data, and hacking groups have already tested it. are
The flaw was first disclosed in October 2023 by a hacker on the messaging platform Telegram.
The post explained how accounts could be accessed by exploiting vulnerabilities associated with cookies (which websites and browsers use to track users to improve their performance).

Google authentication cookies allow users to access their account without repeatedly entering login details. However, hackers have found a way to get these cookies to bypass the two-factor authentication step.
It should be noted that the world’s most popular web browser, Google Chrome, is currently cracking down on third-party cookies. In a statement, Google said the company defends itself against such techniques to protect users from being targeted by malware. Upgrades regularly. Google has taken steps to protect any suspicious accounts it has flagged.

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