Election, 17-Point Code Of Conduct For Media Released

 Canada Global(Web News)The Election Commission has issued a 17-point code of conduct for the national media during the general elections.

According to the code of conduct of the Election Commission, the result will not be broadcast on the media until one hour after the end of polling. While broadcasting the results, it will be said that these are unofficial, incomplete results which will not be considered final until the announcement of the RO

According to the code of conduct, during the election campaign, the national media will not reflect biased opinions against Pakistan’s ideals, sovereignty and security, such statements or accusations that threaten the national unity will not be broadcast.
It is also stated in the code of conduct of the Election Commission that the news broadcasted on the media will not include any material that is a personal attack on a candidate, legal action will be taken against political attacks on the basis of gender, religion and community. Allegations of one candidate against another candidate shall be published or broadcast after verification by both parties.

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