China’s strategy on Covid has been excellent, Antony Blanken

Canada Global (Web News) Secretary of State Antony Blanken said the US has a stake in China’s response to Covid as Beijing has eased strict restrictions following the protests.

“It’s in the interest of the Chinese people first, but it’s also in the interest of people around the world, so we want them to succeed,” he said.

He pointed to the “dramatic impact” on the world of a slowdown in the economy of China, the world’s largest economy after the United States, which has imposed massive lockdowns in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. It started with the policy.

China late last month faced its most widespread street protests since 1989, fueled by anger over the lockdown that has fueled increasingly violent demands, including calls for greater political reform. was

China’s leadership moved quickly to disperse the protests but also loosened the Covid policies it had championed.

Some experts warn of the dangers of a gap in vaccination in China opening up as authorities instead focus on isolating all cases.

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