Canada announced an additional $32 million in aid to Ukraine

Canada Global Tv  (Web News) It has been one year since the Russian attack on Ukraine.

In this case, the federal government has announced that it will provide more than 32 million dollars in financial assistance to strengthen the security and stability of Ukraine.

In a statement, Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said that Canada and the international community have been supporting Ukraine for a full year during this conflict, which has endured the wrath of Russian President Putin.
He said that Canada has always supported Ukraine in its fight for independence and will continue to do so. We will not back down until Russia is held accountable for its abuses and crimes.
According to Global Affairs, since February last year, Canada has announced $5 billion in aid to Ukraine. Of this, $2.6 billion was earmarked for financial aid and $1.2 billion for military aid. The remaining funds went to humanitarian assistance ($320 million), development cooperation ($96 million), and security and stability ($73·8 million).

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