Blast in Turkey’s Istanbul cause 38 injured and 5 dead: reports

Canada Global (Web News) There have apparently been numerous injuries caused by an explosion on Istanbul’s famed Istiklal street. If there have been any fatalities, it remains unknown.

At least 38 people were hurt till now in an explosion and 5 dead  that occurred in Istanbul’s centre on Sunday, according to reports from the area.

Multiple persons could be seen on the ground amid bomb wreckage in social media videos. Police and an ambulance arrived on the site, as shown in the video.

Istiklal Street, which is close to Taksim Square, was reportedly locked down as people reported on social media.

Istiklal Street goes through Beyoglu’s core neighbourhood, where many foreigners and tourists alike reside. Online videos captured at the time of the explosion showed a fireball engulfing the busy boulevard as people strolled before turning abruptly and fleeing in terror.

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