Announcement Of Australia’s New Immigration Policy, New Difficulty For Students

Canada Global(Web News)Australia has announced a new immigration policy for 10 years under which the visa rules for students have been made more stringent.

Australian Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neill announced the new immigration policy at a media briefing on Monday, saying the previous government had destroyed the immigration system, which reforms would be needed to fix.

He said his government would again control immigration numbers. The number of immigrants will be reduced by 50% within two years.

Under the new policy, international students will be required to achieve a high score in an English test and will also be subject to stricter scrutiny on a second student visa application to extend their stay.

According to the report, a record 510,000 people arrived in Australia by June 2023, but now the Australian government has announced to increase the annual intake to 250,000 by June 2025.

According to official figures, there are about 650,000 foreign students in Australia, many of them on other visas.

Australia’s housing and infrastructure problems have been exacerbated by record migration, but the country still struggles to attract the skills it needs.

The Australian Home Affairs Minister said the new immigration policy would attract more foreign talent to Australia, which the country needs.

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