A Plan Is Prepared To Eliminate The Garbage In Space

Canada Global (Web News) A Japanese start-up company has planned to destroy space garbage using a laser designed for nuclear fusion energy.

Osaka-based company X-Fusion plans to tackle the space debris problem with a new idea by building the world’s most powerful laser. The beam was designed to detonate a ball of hydrogen fuel (this is exactly the process that occurs naturally on the Sun).
Through this process, the company realized that this technology could be used to destroy space debris around Earth without sending lasers into space. The lasers used are less powerful than nuclear fusion, but face similar technical issues, such as controlling them with special mirrors. The Japanese startup has already partnered with Australian space junk detection company EOS Space. Signed an MoU with Systems.

The X-Fusion company will initially target space debris smaller than 10 centimeters, previously impossible for ground-based lasers. The beam will be used to slow down space debris until it falls and burns up in Earth’s atmosphere. Don’t be slow enough.

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