A crocodile searching for a human buried under tons of rubble A crocodile searching for a human

Canada Global (Web News) Man has progressed from the Stone Age to Mars,

Hundreds of new inventions are making human life more comfortable. One such invention

Cyborg is a cockroach. If there is an earthquake in the near future and a lot of debris left

If trapped below, they can be traced by cyber cockroaches.

Which is a possible application of recent developments by Japanese researchers

Who developed insects with solar cells and electronics.

Demonstrated ability to ride backpacks and control their movements via remote control.

Kenjiro Fukuda and Japanese research company Rikon’s Thin Film Device Laboratory

I have developed a flexible solar cell film that is 4 microns thick, that of a human hair

The width is about 1/25, and fits on the back of an insect.

While solar cells generate enough power to process and transmit signals.
The work is based on pest control experiments at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

And this could one day result in cyborg bugs that rival robots

Areas can be penetrated more efficiently.

Fukuda says: The batteries inside the small robot run faster, so the search time is reduced.

A major advantage is that when it comes to moving the worm, the worm moves itself

Therefore, not much electricity is needed. Fukuda and his team for experiments

Cockroaches native to Madagascar were chosen because they are large enough to carry luggage

And they don’t have wings to get in the way. When the bags and film are glued to their backs,

So bugs can jump over small obstacles or self-heal when flipped over.

Research still has a long way to go. In a recent demonstration,

Raccoon researcher Yujiro Kaki turned the cyber cockroach to the left.


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