A Corrupt Person From Head To Toe Is Making Accusations On Others, Nawaz Sharif

Canada Global(Web News) Leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif said that the person who is himself involved in corruption from head to toe is accusing others of corruption.

The former prime minister said that there was a conspiracy to defame the political leadership of Pakistan, Imran Khan himself has so many allegations which have been proven, apart from Tosha Khana, there are many other cases against him.

While speaking in London, Nawaz Sharif said that Allah has made Shahbaz Sharif and the Sharif family a disgrace. Shahzad Akbar made false accusations against Shahbaz Sharif on Imran Khan’s mother. Apologized on the basis of evidence, he said that false accusations of money laundering, corruption, commission, kickbacks, misappropriation of funds and office were made against Shahbaz Sharif, these allegations have already been investigated by the National Crime Agency. has been given a clean chit.

Leader of Muslim League-N said that there is no government of PMLN, nor Tehreek-e-Insaaf nor any other political party in Britain, it is a free democratic country. The newspaper of this country has apologized, what better proof of someone’s innocence and innocence than this, Imran Khan, his party and Shahzad Akbar should hang their heads in shame after Daily Mail apologized for the accusations without evidence. These people caused the country’s infamy outside the country.

The former prime minister said that what Justice Shaukat Siddiqui, Judge Arshad Malik said, the audio leaks of Saqib Nisar himself, all these are proofs of our innocence, the decision in favor of Maryam Nawaz was also based on lack of evidence, he said. That Imran Khan is not only accused of corruption, but proven corruption, there are stories of theft of Tosha Khana on the tongue of children, who is himself involved in corruption from head to toe, he is making accusations against those who have been tried by British courts. Since, evidence of innocence has been found from the governments here, the Pakistani nation should look at all these things carefully and understand.

The head of the PML-N said that cases were made against us for free, we were deported for free, a case of hijacking was also made against me, I was disqualified for not taking salary from my son, elected by 24 crore people. The prime minister was disqualified for not taking 10,000 riyals salary, he said that Pakistan has been reduced to such a state that a poor man cannot even feed his children.

In 2017, Pakistan was rapidly going to the heights, what were the prices of food and drink at that time? What were the prices of flour and dal? How cheap electricity was, but electricity was coming. They are the ones who installed power plants in a few months, eliminated load shedding in 3 years, we are the ones who made Pakistan a nuclear power, our services in every sector are in front of the nation, even if no one understands, then How to explain

Nawaz Sharif said that name a project which was founded by Imran Khan and we can proudly say that this project was started by us and we have completed it. , a metro was built in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, that too was faulty and the cost of billions became a NAB case. When the details of Billiontree and Al-Qadir Trust are revealed, people will cry, there is corruption of 50 billion.

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