Yamaha raises motorbike prices owing to GST hike

Canada Global (Web News) Yamaha Motor Company increased the price of their motorbikes by between Rs3,000 and Rs3,500 in order to pass along to customers the impact of the increase in sales tax from 17 percent to 18 percent. The updated prices go into effect on February 21.

The Yamaha YB125Z will now retail for Rs308,500 after a Rs3,000 price increase. The YB125Z DX now costs Rs330,500 after a price increase of Rs3,500. The price of the YBR125 is now Rs339,500 after an additional rise of Rs3,500. The price of YBR125G has increased by Rs3,500 to between Rs353,000 and Rs356,000 (for matt dark gray).

According to Sabir Sheikh, chairman of the Association of Pakistan Motorbike Assemblers (APMA), price increases and inflation have significantly reduced demand for motorcycles. Notwithstanding the fact that the supply is hampered by CKD import issues and dealers are unable to acquire the units, there are only a small number of buyers on the market, he continued.

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