Will King Charles abdicate in order to bring Prince William and Prince Harry closer?

Canada Global (Web News) According to a clairvoyant, if King Charles abdicated, the estranged royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry would mend their differences and become closer.

King Charles will be crowned in May of next year, Buckingham Palace revealed last month. However, a psychic has predicted that the monarch may abdicate before the coronation or that Charles’ reign won’t last very long.

According to celebrity psychic Jasmine Anderson, King Charles will hold the kingdom for “anywhere from a few months to 18 months.”

King Charles steps down?

As the heir to the throne, Prince William would automatically succeed King Charles, and Jasmine told Express UK that she thinks this is likely to happen.

I believe that William would receive the throne first, according to Jasmine Anderson. Charles won’t have nearly as much success as William will. I have a feeling that Harry and William are about to reconcile and put an end to their conflict.

The Insider had previously revealed in September that King Charles’ abdication would advance the entire line of succession.

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