Waterloo Region, man facing 352 charges for allegedly posing as crane engineer

Canada Global (Web News) According to the organisation that oversees professional engineers in Ontario, a man who reportedly performed crane safety inspections in the Waterloo Region while impersonating as a licenced engineer is accused of hundreds of offenses.

The Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) say they lodged 352 charges against Jay Lawrence Harding on Monday for using a fake seal and the title of a certified professional engineer.

According to a press statement from the PEO, Harding is charged with carrying out “at least 80 “inspections” and “non-destructive testing” on cranes and lifting equipment in the Region of Waterloo in 2021.

He reportedly conducted the testing under the name AJ Hoist Inspections, which he registered after moving to New Brunswick in 2022, according to the press release.

The report said, “PEO believes Mr. Harding may have misrepresented himself as a professional engineer in relation of crane and lifting device inspections for other organisations, posing a greater danger to public safety.”

The organisation that regulates engineers is also trying to contact anyone who has interacted with or utilised the services of a person who holds a certificate carrying the names “J.L. Harding,” “J. Harding,” “Jay Harding,” “AJ Ontario Hoist Inspections,” or “AJ Hoist Inspections.”

In court, none of the accusations made against Harding have been proven.

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