Volkswagen to construct EV battery plant in Ontario

Canada Global (Web News) The revelation that VW is constructing an electric vehicle battery plant in southwest Ontario was hailed by the province’s economic development minister as evidence of Canada’s swift turn around in the expanding industry.

The European carmaker revealed that St. Thomas, Ontario will serve as the site of the VW Group’s first overseas “gigafactory” for the production of battery cells, with production set to begin in 2027.

Business claimed that Canada has the best conditions, including a local raw material supply and widespread access to clean electricity.

As we share the same principles of sustainability, accountability, and cooperation, Canada and Ontario are the ideal partners for growing up our battery company and creating jobs in the green economy, according to a statement from Thomas Schmall, chairman of the supervisory board of PowerCo SE.

We pledge to be a dependable partner and good neighbour to the residents of Ontario and St. Thomas.

Vic Fedeli, the minister of economic development for Ontario, noted that Canada made a remarkable turnaround from being a laggard in the production of electric vehicles to one of the leading nations in the battery supply chain.

In an interview, Fedeli stated, “(That) is a shocking move, and I think VW recognised that they felt they would want to be in the centre of this whole electric battery ecosystem that we’ve developed in Ontario.

This will be Ontario’s second factory producing batteries for electric vehicles. A $5 billion plant is being built in Windsor, Ontario by South Korean battery manufacturer LG Energy solution and the automobile Stellantis.

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