Two Chinese-run police service centres found in Canada

Canada Global (Web News) A human rights organization says that it has discovered dozens of police service centers around the world that are allegedly run by China. At least two of them are in Canada.
Safeguard Defenders, a Spain-based NGO, said in a new report released Monday that it used open statements from officials in the People’s Republic of China, Chinese police and state media to find that such police stations are located in other countries. I am present. 

In a report called Spanish Organization Patrol and Persuasion 54 such stations were also detected in September, bringing the total number of such stations to 102 in 53 countries. 

Some host countries have also cooperated in opening such centers, security guards said. It has also been alleged that these stations target overseas Chinese nationals, particularly those who have committed crimes in China, and force them to return to the country.
According to a report by Safeguard Defenders, three such police stations were previously confirmed in the GTA, which are being operated from the Chinese city of Fuzhou.

 Another new center in Vancouver has been confirmed and is being operated by Venzo. 

Another such police station is being operated from Nantong. The RCMP said on Monday that no criminal activity is taking place from these so-called police stations and the matter is being investigated by them.
When news of such stations surfaced in late October, China said that these stations were being run to collect driving licenses etc. from Chinese nationals as most Chinese nationals could not return to China due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Came.

 An epidemic was found. It was also said that the local volunteers working at these stations are not Chinese policemen.

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