Trudeau to tout Canada’s critical minerals sector on NYC visit 

Canada Global (Web News) The purpose of Justin Trudeau’s visit to New York City is to promote Canada as a reliable trade and investment partner to influential Americans.

Both north and south of the border experts are interested in learning more about Ottawa’s intentions to swiftly expand its vital mining sector.

It’s time, according to former ambassador and current senior adviser Louise Blais of the Business Council of Canada, to outline the strategy for extracting those 21st-century treasures from the ground.

President Joe Biden visited Canada last month, and Trudeau wants to build on what most observers consider to be a successful and fruitful visit.

He will be visiting Global Citizen NOW on Thursday, a gathering of politicians, activists, and public figures who are interested in bringing about change.

Additionally, Trudeau is slated to address the prominent Council on Foreign Relations think group and meet with a UN task force on sustainable development.

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