TikTok facing a joint investigation from Canadian privacy watchdogs

Canada Global (Web News) The controversial social media application TikTok is the subject of a combined investigation by three provincial and federal privacy watchdogs in Canada.

According to a statement on the federal watchdog’s website, the federal privacy commissioner stated on Thursday that their office will work with privacy watchdogs in Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta to “jointly investigate the short-form video streaming programme.”

The investigation was started as a result of several media revelations about TikTok’s acquisition, usage, and disclosure of personal information, as well as class action lawsuits that have since been settled in the US and Canada.

If TikTok’s methods are “in compliance” with Canadian privacy laws and if “meaningful consent is being sought for the collection, use and sharing of personal information,” the authorities want to know.

According to the statement, “the examination will also establish if the corporation is complying with its transparency duties, notably when collecting personal information from its users.”

The study will also pay particular attention to the younger users, who often use the service in Canada in greater numbers.

Only 26% of Canadians use TikTok, according to a study by Toronto Metropolitan University’s Social Media Lab that was published in September.

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