Taliban leader accuses Prince Harry of killing innocent Afghans

Canada Global (Web News) Prince Harry of Britain has come under fire from the Taliban government for admitting to killing 25 people while serving in Afghanistan, and a top Afghan official has charged the prince of murdering innocent civilians.

Taliban leader Anas Haqqani said on Friday, “We examined and found that the days on which Prince Harry is mentioning the killing of 25 mujaheddin, we did not have any casualties in Helmand.” “It is obvious that civilians and commoners were the targets.”

He claimed that this incident was just one of many war crimes committed over the 20 years that Western forces were stationed in Afghanistan. “It is not a whole picture of the atrocities they committed.”

Prior to this, the Taliban chief charged the British royal with committing “war crimes.”

‘Mr. Harry!’ Haqqani tweeted in response to Prince Harry’s assertion that killing people who he called “enemy fighters” was like removing “chess pieces” from a board. He was making reference to the fact that the people he stated were “enemy combatants” were actually “humans.”

The truth is what you’ve said: Your army, military, and political leaders used our defenceless citizens as chess pieces. Nevertheless, you lost that “game.”

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