Several Ontario cities rank among the worst places for bed bugs in Canada

Canada Global (Web News) The top 10 places in Canada where bed bugs are most prevalent include several communities in Ontario.

A list of the “bed buggiest” cities in Canada has been produced by Orkin Canada every year based on the quantity of commercial and residential treatments the business performed in the previous year.

Toronto is ranked first for 2022, followed by Vancouver, moving up from third place in 2021.

Seven further Ontario locations are included in the remaining top 10.

Sudbury is in third place, then Oshawa, Ottawa, Scarborough, and Sault Ste. London first, then Marie.

The ninth-ranked city was St. John’s, which was followed by Hamilton, another Ontario city, to round out the top 10.

London was not included in Orkin’s ranking for 2021, although it is now rated eighth.

The business advised people to take safety measures against beg bugs, including travellers and homeowners.

The best places to find bed bugs are houses, hotels, and workplaces because, according to Orkin, they can migrate from one room to another through clothing, personal items, hoover cleaners, and afflicted furniture.

The top 25 Canadian cities with the worst bed bug infestations, according to the firm, are shown below:

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