Security to be top concern during Joe Biden’s trip to Canada

Canada Global (Web News) At the time of Joseph Biden’s final official trip to Canada, there was a tangible air of dread.

There was an aura of change. Syria’s and Turkey’s authoritarian authorities were establishing their dominance. The British people had decided to exit the EU. Also, Donald Trump was poised and ready to occupy the White House.

The U.S. vice-president, who was on a type of farewell tour in the last days of the Obama administration, stated that “genuine leaders” were in short supply and that Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be required to step up.
Six years later, Biden is returning, this time in the role of president, and things have changed significantly. Very certainly, his message won’t

The Business Council of Canada’s president and CEO, Goldy Hyder, who spent the majority of last week meeting with American officials in Washington, D.C., stated, “There’s a seriousness to this moment in America.

Chinese spy balloons are circling the area over North America. While the brutal war in Ukraine rages on, Russian MiG fighter jets are shooting down American drones. An extensive missile test is being conducted by North Korea.

The meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin on Monday in Moscow will highlight the geopolitical context in which the United States perceives the globe and increase pressure on Canada to continue to be a willing and dependable partner, not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

It “shone a lot stronger light on security in all its forms: national security, economic security, energy security, cybersecurity all of these things come home to roost,” Hyder said of that meeting.

Nothing should, in my opinion, be more essential for us than what is important to America.

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