Saudi Arabia calls on Taliban to reverse girls education ban

Canada Global (Web News) On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia urged the Taliban to lift their prohibition on women enrolling in higher education in Afghanistan.

The order to bar women from enrolling at private and public universities countrywide immediately and until further notice came a day earlier.

The decision was welcomed with surprise and disappointment in all Muslim nations, according to the foreign ministry of the Kingdom.

According to the ministry, the judgement deprived Afghan women their full legal rights as well as the right to an education, both of which are essential for promoting Afghanistan’s security, stability, growth, and prosperity.

Taliban security troops in the Afghan capital prevented women from attending institutions, enforcing the prohibition on women attending higher education. Outside one college in Kabul, women were captured on camera sobbing and comforting one another.

In an appeal to the Taliban to change their mind “for the sake of maintaining consistency between their pledges and real decisions,” the Organization of Islamic Cooperation also condemned the Taliban’s action.

As well as depriving Afghan girls and women of their fundamental rights to education, employment, and social justice, OIC Secretary General Hissein Brahim Taha believes that denying female students access to Afghanistan’s universities will seriously undermine the legitimacy of the current government.

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