Sanaullah asks President to remain in his constitutional authority

Canada Global (Web News) Rana Sanaullah, the federal interior minister, stated on Friday that the president must stay within the bounds of the constitution and avoid turning into Imran Khan’s puppet.

He criticised him for saying that the “violator of the constitution” was doing his responsibility as the president by asking Imran Khan for an explanation of terrorism.

He burst, “Where were the human rights when a false case involving 15 kilogrammes of heroin was filed against me?

Regime lacked human rights and that the then-opposition leader and the relatives of political opponents were imprisoned.

Mr. Sanaullah, individuals who discuss the country’s violations of fundamental rights attacked the police.

In response to the letter the president had sent to the prime minister, he suggested that the president write a letter to Imran Khan asking him to demonstrate his sincerity in the Toshakhana and foreign funding issues.

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