Russia launches wave of missiles at Ukraine

Canada Global (Web News) The day after Kiev obtained Western commitments of dozens of contemporary fighting tanks to try to repel the Russian invasion, Russia unleashed a salvo of missiles at Ukraine during rush hour on Thursday.

When the German and American declarations were made, Moscow reacted angrily. In the past, it has responded to seeming Ukrainian victories with airstrikes that have left millions without heat, light, or water.

Ukrainian military claimed it shot down all 24 Russian drones that had been launched over night, including 15 in the capital area.

But soon after, as people were making their way to work, air raid alarms began to sound across Ukraine, and senior officials reported that approaching missiles were being shot down by air defences.

A huge explosion was reported in the city as large throngs of people hid in underground metro stations.

The largest private energy producer in Ukraine, DTEK, announced that due to the impending risk, it was implementing emergency power shutdowns in Kyiv, the surrounding area, as well as the regions of Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk.

Although more than 15 missiles fired into Kyiv were shot down, the military administration in Kiev ordered residents to stay in their shelters.

“Missiles are being fired within Ukrainian territory. At least two passed through the Mykolaiv region to the northwest, according to Vitaly Kim, the region’s governor in southern Ukraine.

According to Western analysts, the airstrikes on Ukraine’s cities are less of a planned strategy and more of an effort to lower morale.

So far, the T-72 tanks from the Soviet era have been the mainstay of both Russia and Ukraine.

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