Russia has launched airstrikes across Ukraine

Canada Global (Web News) Ukraine said Russia destroyed homes in the southeast and wreaked havoc with a new series of missile attacks as the West imposed a price cap on Russian offshore oil to finance Moscow’s offensive. can try to limit.

The attacks plunged parts of Ukraine back into sub-freezing darkness and temperatures across the country are now below zero. However, Kyiv said its air defenses limited the damage.

There were also reports of overnight explosions at two air bases inside Russia, hundreds of miles from Ukraine.

Three people were killed when a fuel tanker exploded at the Ryazan air base, state news agency RIA said.

Saratov regional governor Roman Basargin assured citizens that they were safe

Engels Base, about 730 km 455 miles south of Moscow, is one of two strategic bomber bases that house Russia’s air-delivered nuclear capability, including 60-70 aircraft.

Previous mysterious explosions have damaged weapons stores and fuel depots in Russian regions near Ukraine.

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