Russia claims it has taken control of Ukraine’s Soledar

Canada Global (Web News) According to official media, the Russian defence ministry said on Friday that its troops had taken control of the salt mining town of Soledar in eastern Ukraine.
On Thursday night, the town that had been the subject of intense battle and bombardment was taken by Russian forces, according to the government. The neighbouring, much larger town of Bakhmut would now be cut off from Ukrainian soldiers as a result, it was said.

Reuters was unable to confirm the defence ministry’s assertion right away.
Following a “heated” night of fighting in Soledar, which has turned into one of the bloodiest battlegrounds of the entire conflict, Ukraine earlier on Friday claimed that its men were still holding out.

The fight for the little town has resulted in significant losses for both sides.
After a full year of humiliating retreats, Moscow is looking for its first significant battlefield victory. According to Kyiv, Russia is sending waves and waves of forces into a conflict that is meaningless for a bombed-out wasteland.

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