Punjab imposed an environmental emergency

Canada Global (Web News) Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi declared an environmental emergency in Lahore and other cities to combat the calamity-level smog.
“There is a ban on burning crop residues across Punjab,” the CM said, ordering the implementation of a smog-reduction plan. He stated that action should be taken to control the factors that cause smog.

He stated that EPD, transportation, and administrative officers should deploy to the field because any failure to implement the ongoing SOPs to reduce smog would not be tolerated and those who set fire to crop residues should face indiscriminate punishment, and that legal action against smog-emitting vehicles should be maintained.

The city’s smog-emitting vehicles should be routinely inspected by the anti-smog squad. He added that farmers would be given a new harvester called “Hepper Seed” to eliminate crop remnants and that the squad should make sure that cars at the city’s entrances are checked.

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