Prince Harry makes glaring error in witness statement

Canada Global (Web News) In the witness statement that the Duke of Sussex provided as part of his protracted legal struggle against a British tabloid publisher for unlawful information collecting, Prince Harry made a blatant blunder.

Prince Harry refers to his father King Charles as “HRH King Charles III” in part of his message, per a GB News article.

The newspaper went on to say that the monarch’s proper title is “His Majesty King Charles III.”

According to the story, it is a startling blunder for Prince Harry to make as a member of the Royal Family.

On Tuesday, a 55-page statement was made public as Prince Harry started to provide testimony in the dispatch box.

The Duke of Sussex became the first British royal in more than a century to testify in court on Tuesday, saying that he had endured a lifetime of “press invasion” and that certain journalists had blood on their hands.

Press intrusion was mentioned as a significant influence in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s choice to go to the United States and their resignation from royal responsibilities in 2020.

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