Police identify Toronto man allegedly stabbed to death by teen girls

Canada Global (Web News) Canadian officials have revealed the identify of a 59-year-old man who was slain in Toronto after reportedly being “swarmed” by a gang of eight adolescent girls.

In the middle of December, a chilly night, Ken Lee was fatally stabbed.

Police claimed that the attacker was surrounded by girls between the ages of 13 and 16, who were later detained and charged close by.

Lee had just moved out of a homeless shelter.

On Tuesday, weeks after the attack on December 18 that happened in the city’s downtown just before midnight local time, Toronto police revealed his identify. According to the police, Lee may have been taken advantage of because he was seen carrying alcohol.

He later passed away at a hospital.

Currently, the girls are accused of second-degree murder. They are not identifiable under Canadian law since they are minors.

Before coming together in person the night of the incident, the girls allegedly initially met online, according to the police. They don’t think it was a gang-related incident.

In the hours before the attack on Lee, a group of up to 10 girls is claimed to have sexually attacked a number of persons at public transportation hubs. According to police, they are still seeking for those victims.

The ladies are suspected of the assaults, according to law enforcement sources who spoke to Canadian media. Police denied that the occurrences had anything to do with the fatal stabbing.

Doug Johnson Hatlem, a street pastor who works with Toronto’s homeless community, said to the BBC on Wednesday that he knew many individuals who did, even though he did not personally know Lee.

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