Pig’s head thrown on UK mosque in hate crime incident

Canada Global (Web News) A pig’s head was put on the top of a mosque in the UK, leaving the Muslim population there living in fear, Metro Reported.

Members of Manchester’s Heatons Muslims Community Trust said that at 9 p.m. on December 9 the animal’s head was found in a visible area of the structure.

Police received a report of the occurrence, and they classified it as an act of Islamophobic hatred.

Building’s CCTV footage from that evening, according to HMCT trustee Mohammed Tayyab Mohiuddin, showed a car pulling up with two people inside. When they got out of the car, one of them had a bag of trash in his or her arms.

There was a little gathering that took place in the community centre in the evening, and as people were leaving, someone yelled, “There’s a pig’s head on the roof.


It was simple to notice because the roof was so short. They chose that location, in my opinion, to frighten people. Everyone is aware that it was put there and knows who did it and why.

“Someone has done it deliberately for that reason because according to our religion, we are not permitted to handle or consume pig’s meat in any way.

In a statement, the HMCT stated: “In what appears to be a hate crime, a pig’s head was placed on the roof. Sadly, this action is not an isolated incident.

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