Pakistan cannot compromise on nuclear assets, Sheikh Rashid

Canada Global (Web News) Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the leader of the Awami Muslim League (AML), applauded the government’s declarations on Friday that it could not compromise on the nation’s nuclear assets despite barriers to unlocking the IMF programme.

Ishaq Dar, the finance minister, had promised the legislature the day before that the administration would not compromise on the nuclear and missile programmes. Additionally, he said that after it was signed, the deal with the IMF would be posted on his ministry’s website.

The former interior minister wrote on Twitter, “Country can sacrifice itself but cannot compromise on nuclear assets. He claimed that the government had appealed the decision to revoke his bail and that he was prepared to return to custody if that happened.

Sheikh Rashid claimed that the IMF’s main requirement for the friendly states to sign the staff-level agreement, an assurance of $6 billion for external funding, was not being met. He bemoaned how the government was raising the cost of petrol and electricity.

He added that looters and guardians could not be on the same page and claimed that the unrest in Lahore has affected the entire province of Punjab.

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