Ottawa police says murder charge now laid in death of 7-week-old boy

Canada Global (Web News) A murder charge has finally been filed by Ottawa police in the death of a seven-week-old infant in 2021.

Following months of investigation into the murder of a newborn on Winthrop Private on October 26, 2021, Ottawa police announced this week that the homicide squad had charged a man and a woman.

Two Ottawa citizens, both 35, were accused of neglecting to supply the necessities of life.

According to police, the charges are the result of a 16-month investigation into “the terrible death of one of our community’s most vulnerable members,” which included the homicide, sexual assault, and child abuse units.

A new allegation of second-degree murder and criminal negligence leading to death has been added against one of the defendants, 35-year-old Ottawa resident Boravy Buth, according to a police update released on Monday.

The 35-year-old Patrick O’Connor is still accused of failing to provide for his basic needs.

The case’s investigators haven’t provided any additional information.

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