North Okanagan residents left with unsafe road conditions

Canada Global (Web News) The combination of snow and ice on some North Okanagan roads is causing major problems, and some people are having difficulty getting home.

Some locals in the Lumby, British Columbia, area are angry about the ice conditions and what they perceive to be poor road upkeep.

The residents who live along Trinity Valley Road are becoming increasingly irritated since it has been difficult to get to their homes.

Garth Cannaday, a resident of Trinity Valley Road, stated, “It’s just absurd and they expect us to drive on it.”


“They ploughed it with the plough truck and they got no down pressure on the blades, so there’s like a foot of hard-packed ice out on the road here,”

Some North Okanagan roads are covered with a mixture of snow and ice. Residents claim that their route is beginning to get dangerous because there haven’t been many snow ploughs along it in recent weeks.

Due to the slick weather, Brodde Baril’s sisters have both ended up in the ditch.

When driving on the other side of the road, you occasionally have to make a sharp turn, which might be frightening when you can’t see any other cars. Brodde Baril, a local, stated, “I do my best not to cut them, but you can’t always help it.

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