LHC stops ACE and NAB from arresting Imran Khan until March 24

Canada Global (Web News) Imran Khan’s arrest by the National Accountability Bureau and the Punjab anti-corruption organisation was halted by the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday till March 24.

The request for information on the cases brought against Mr. Khan was heard by Judge Tariq Saleem. The report and the affidavit were provided by the plaintiff.

The plaintiff was asked by Mr. Khan’s attorney, PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhry, if the affidavit had been included with the report. Judge Sheikh stated that it was the court’s responsibility, not Mr. Chaudhry’s, to raise this issue.

The plaintiff claimed he had submitted the list, and Mr. Chaudhry countered that although they had anticipated filing 100 claims against Mr. Khan, the list revealed that there were actually more than 100. Azhar Siddique, Mr. Khan’s solicitor, claimed there were 43 complaints in Islamabad and 84 in Punjab against the former prime minister, up from 56 and 33, respectively, the day before.

In a matter of hours, Mr. Chaudhry claimed, lawsuits were being filed against Mr. Khan.

The court denied the NAB lawyer’s request for more time to write his response to the case while asking him to produce the report as soon as possible.

The NAB counsel claimed that he should be given a copy of the petition so he can submit the reply after the court noted that he was only supposed to present the list of cases filed against Mr. Khan.

Mr. Siddique stated that he had written to the NAB on February 17 requesting the list of cases, and that it was his right to be aware of the total number of cases brought against Mr. Khan.

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