IPP will provide relief to inflation-hit people, says Aleem Khan

Canada Global (Web News) Abdul Aleem Khan, the president of the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP), declared on Thursday that his group will assist the poor who are struggling with skyrocketing prices and dire poverty.

At the IPP’s first meeting of its manifesto committee, which was chaired by Aleem Khan, the document was carefully examined. Aleem said the IPP will specifically “represent” the populace and “fulfil their expectations.”

“Creating the welfare state in its fullest sense is the aim of joining the IPP. Aleem promised that the nation will be free of the politics of violence, hatred, and division.

According to IPP central secretary for communications Firdous Ashiq Awan, the Greece boat tragedy would have been avoided if the economy had been more solid.

Awan said, referring to the Greek shipwreck event, “Even after seven days have passed, no effective action has been taken against the human traffickers.” She lamented that because of the nation’s economic instability, many people were forced to leave the country.

Awan promised that her party would live up to the aspirations of the people because she thought it was critically required to put an end to the politics of hatred and pave the way for the country’s prosperity.

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