Imran Khan invites government to hold talks over election date

Canada Global (Web News) Imran Khan, the chairman of the PTI, issued an invitation to the PDM-led government on Friday to discuss the possibility of holding early general elections while announcing that approximately 66% of Pakistanis would be required to participate in by-elections if two provinces’ assemblies were dissolved.

From his Lahore home in Zaman Park, Khan delivered a video message to the PTI’s Punjab parliamentary party, threatening to dissolve the KP and Punjab assemblies unless they were given a date for elections.

We have the PML-complete Q’s support, and Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, the chief minister of Punjab, will dissolve the provincial legislature at my command.

He claimed that the PTI’s demand for early general elections was an integral component of the party’s determination to strengthen the nation’s economy since the PTI was solely committed to returning Pakistan back to its feet.

Khan claimed that “Pakistan is galloping towards default” according to the entire world. “Remittances have begun to decline, tax revenue is dropping, default risks are rising, and Ishaq Dar is sitting in silence in a corner.”

He claimed there was no way around the link between political and economic stability.

Khan stated that if there were no elections, there would be no political stability in the nation and that the coalition government was unwilling to discuss holding early elections because they knew they would lose.

Khan criticised the administration for bungling the economy and claimed they lacked a plan to improve the situation.

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