Govt announces 12-rupee cut in petrol prices

Canada Global (Web News) Ishaq Dar, the Finance Minister, declared on Monday that for the upcoming two weeks, the price of petrol would be reduced by Rs. 12 and the price of diesel by Rs. 30 per litre.

In a speech that was broadcast on television, he stated: “On the basis of prices in the world market, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif sahib and his government attempt to provide maximum assistance to the population.

Dar announced that the price of petrol would be decreased by Rs12 starting at 12 p.m. tonight for the following 15 days, making it now Rs270.

According to the minister, diesel will now cost Rs. 258 after a Rs. 30 discount. After being decreased by Rs12, kerosene oil will now cost Rs164.07, and the cost of light diesel oil would drop by Rs12 to Rs152.68 per litre.

In order for every sector of the economy to gain from the growth, Dar also asked transporters and other departments that utilise diesel to pass along the alleviation to the general population in the form of lower rates.

The government had already reduced the cost of high-speed diesel by Rs5 per litre while keeping the price of petrol unchanged on 30 April.

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