Gold prices rising in local and international markets

Canada Global (Web News) The rates of gold climbed in local markets as well, mirroring the upward trend of gold prices in global markets. The international gold market has been noted to be unstable during the past several weeks, and as a result, fluctuations in gold prices have been observed in Pakistani markets as well.

Price of gold increased by $7 to reach $57 per ounce on international markets, which also caused a price increase in local gold markets. The per-tola costs jumped by Rs. 1000, but the 10gm gold price in the local gold markets shot up by Rs. 857.

Following the global price increase, the per-tola gold price was seen to be Rs. 205600 and the 10gm gold price was noted to be Rs. 176268. The price of silver, however, stayed constant at Rs. 2250 per tola and Rs. 1929 for 10gm silver.

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