Ford government to allow out-of-province nurses to start working in Ontario immediately

Canada Global (Web News) The Ford administration is drafting new legislation that will permit healthcare professionals from other Canadian jurisdictions to begin working in Ontario right away in an effort to boost staffing levels in the province’s hospitals.

According to the new “as of right” regulations, licenced healthcare professionals from other Canadian provinces might begin practising in Ontario right away without first registering with a provincial regulatory college.

Premier Ford declared, “We need as many people as possible. “We extend a warm greeting to you.”

The Pan-Canadian Portable Registration Model, according to the Ford government, would be the first of its kind in Canada, however the government provided little information on how the scheme would really function.

The Ontario College of Nurses, for instance, claims that registration is a “legal requirement” for anybody wishing to practise nursing in the province; the premier has suggested that this requirement would be changed.

Ford promised during a news conference in Windsor that “we’ll find a job for you right now” if “you arrive here with your qualifications.” “There won’t be any bureaucratic red tape for you to deal with.”

Out-of-province healthcare professionals will only be qualified and allowed to work in Ontario “if they have provided safe, competent, and ethical health care in their native province or territory,” according to the government.

The government withheld information regarding who would do background checks on each individual healthcare provider.

The law would also make it simple to relocate staff members from across the healthcare system to the front lines as the province deals with spikes in demand and longer wait times in emergency rooms.

The government said that by enabling nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists to work outside of their typical responsibilities or locations “as long as they have the knowledge, experience, and judgement to do so,” the law would “raise staffing levels on a short-term basis.”

The ministry of health stated in a news release that this would provide hospitals and other settings “greater flexibility to guarantee that health care workers are filling the most in-demand professions at the right time.”

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