Fire damaged 2 homes in Calgary’s Falconridge

Canada Global (Web News) About 3:30am on Wednesday, Calgary fire departments were summoned to the Falconridge neighbourhood.

According to Capt. Gerry Bishop, two residences in the 200 block of Falmere Drive were on fire when crews got on the scene. The initial report had been for a structure fire.

We launched a defensive attack on one of the homes since it was more heavily involved than the other and prohibited us from entering, according to Bishop. “After conducting a main and secondary search inside each home, nothing discovered.

We consider firefighter safety when homes are under danger, so we just waited to enter until everything was secure.

He claimed that they were able to swiftly apply water to the houses.

One person was inside one of the houses, and they made a successful escape. According to the fire department, nobody was inside the other house.

According to Bishop, no one was hurt and no pets were discovered inside.

Bishop stated, “Right now, we have a crew on the scene basically putting out hot spots.

In order to prevent the fire from re-igniting, firefighters typically stay on the scene to monitor hot areas for a half or even an entire day.

One of the residences’ fires was reportedly “under control” as of 4:30 a.m.

Moreover, no assessment of the damage has been made.

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