FIFA rejects Zelensky’s request for peace message at World Cup final

Canada Global (Web News) According to reports, FIFA turned down the request from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to give a message of peace prior to Sunday’s World Cup final in Qatar.

Before the game, Zelensky’s office reportedly offered for him to address stadium patrons via video link, but was shocked by the refusal, a source told CNN.

No details were provided regarding whether Zelensky’s speech will be recorded or delivered live.

According to a CNN exclusive, “We believed FIFA wanted to use its platform for the greater benefit.”

It is understood that despite being requested for a remark, FIFA was unable to provide one right away.

Regardless of the events’ themes, Ukraine has regularly attempted to use significant international gatherings to draw attention to the Russian incursion that began earlier this year.

Zelensky has made video appearances at a variety of events, including the G20 Summit, the Grammy Awards, and the Cannes Film Festival. He has also conducted interviews with a variety of journalists and well-known figures, such as Sean Penn and David Letterman. He has done this to help Kyiv gain support from around the world by using his charm and media savvy, which he developed while working as an actor before becoming a politician.

FIFA has taken extraordinary measures to prevent political messages from being used at the inaugural World Cup being held by a Middle Eastern country in Qatar.

Gianni Infantino, the head of FIFA, said the organisation had to “take care” of everyone and had halted some “political statements” in Qatar during a news conference on Friday.
He declared, “We are a worldwide organisation, and we don’t discriminate against anyone.
“At the World Cup, we are defending values and everyone’s rights. The millions of TV viewers and those fans each have their own issues.

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