Emergency crews respond Calgary house fire, apparent explosion

Canada Global (Web News) A house fire and apparent explosion are being attended to by emergency personnel in Calgary’s Marlborough neighbourhood.

An apparent explosion appeared to have destroyed many nearby homes, at least one of which sustained significant damage. The block was covered in debris.

There are also numerous ambulances present.

Chelsea Todd, a neighbour, was awakened by a “big explosion” on Monday.

Todd told Global News, “I raced outside to see what it was, and then I discovered that the house was on fire. Two other males were crawling out of the basement as we dragged the one who was attempting to exit to the side.

Five or six people, according to Todd, were residing in the house at the time.

Five seconds apart, Don Phelps reported hearing two “loud booms” that shook his house and knocked off the power at a house a block away.

Enmax said that a sudden power outage occurred in the Forest Heights, Franklin, Marlborough, and Marlborough Park neighbourhoods on Monday morning at at 8:50 a.m.

“I sensed that something was wrong. Never before has anything been so loud. Phelps remarked, “I thought my house was about to topple over.

Phelps indicated a piece of wood that was perched on a neighbouring phone pole.

“You can’t chuck it up there to see plywood sitting on top of a telephone pole. It was somehow raised there. It’s depressing.

A house at Maryvale Drive and Maryvale Way N.E. was damaged by fire on Monday morning.

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