Economy in danger but not defaulting, according to NSC

Canada Global (Web News) On Friday, the civil and military leadership was advised that although Pakistan’s economy was struggling, the nation would not default.

The National Security Committee (NSC), the highest body for discussing national security and foreign affairs, received a briefing on this topic.

The powerful NSC gathered in this location to talk about the connection with Afghanistan, the weak economy, and the escalating terrorism.

It was unusual for the NSC to talk about the situation of the economy right now. Since there were worries that Pakistan would go into default, the economic situation was briefed to the civil-military leadership. This week, the nation’s foreign reserves decreased to $5.8 billion, sparking fears of a possible default.

One attendee of the NSC meeting said, “We are in difficulty, but we are not defaulting.” The participant attested to the fact that the NSC received briefings on Afghanistan, the economy, and terrorism.

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