City negotiating with activists blocking access to Winnipeg landfill

Canada Global (Web News) In order to secure searches for the remains of Indigenous women allegedly killed by a serial killer, protestors are preventing the City of Winnipeg from accessing its only active Landfill.

On Sunday, protesters started blocking the Brady Road Landfill and demanding a search of Brady Road and the nearby privately owned Prairie Green Landfill.

The water and waste committee head for Winnipeg, Brian Mayes, claims that the negotiations are moving along.

“We have city residents who have undoubtedly participated in conversations. Additionally, it appears to be more upbeat today than it was yesterday, he added on Wednesday. “Well, that’s good.

“This is sort of a continuous situation; there is no timeline for its resolution. However, maybe we can build on these discussions to fix this issue and reopen the landfill.

Mayes asserted that he thinks a deal has been struck for city personnel to enter Brady and pump leachate (a liquid found in a landfill) from there once every few days. He called this a positive move.

This summer, part of Rebecca Contois’ remains were discovered at the Brady Road Landfill, and according to the police, Marcedes Myran and Morgan Harris’ remains may be near Prairie Road.

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