Chief Justice should respect his position, authority: Shazia Marri

Canada Global (Web News) Shazia Marri, the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), lambasted the Chief Justice of Pakistan on Tuesday during a National Assembly session, asserting that the Supreme Court cannot interfere with the authority of the Parliament.

She made it clear that the government had come to support Parliament rather than engage in combat.

Ms. Marri claimed that as a member of the Parliament, she was in charge of safeguarding the Pakistani constitution.

The son of the late Chief Justice Saqib Nisar was heard in recent audio leaks talking about collecting money in his father’s name. Ms. Marri also discussed this.

She raised worries about what the same son might have done while his father was chief justice and questioned how a former chief justice could permit such behaviour.

Further asserting that the Parliament was the highest institution recognised by the constitution and that judges should speak with their decisions rather than interfering with Parliamentary proceedings, Ms. Marri also claimed that the Supreme Court was powerless to challenge the supremacy of the Parliament.

She urged the Pakistani chief justice to uphold his power and position.

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