Canadian wildfire smoke crossing ocean, expected to reach Norway

Canada Global (Web News) The smoke from Canadian wildfires, which has engulfed sections of the U.S. and Canada in a dense haze, is anticipated to enter Norway on Thursday, according to Norwegian officials.

The Norwegian Climate and Environmental Research Institute’s atmospheric and climate experts utilised a forecast model to project the smoke’s trajectory through the atmosphere.

Since June 1, the smoke has migrated across Greenland and Iceland, and measurements in southern Norway have shown rising aerosolized particle concentrations, according to the independent scientific organisation.

According to senior NILU researcher Nikolaos Evangeliou, “We may be able to see some haze or smell smoke.”

“However, we do not think that the amount of airborne particles here in Norway will be sufficient to endanger our health.”

The wildfires blazing in Canada have caused dangerously high levels of smog throughout the U.S. East Coast. As far as the Midwest, huge tongues of toxic air were present.

Millions of people have been impacted by the smoke, which has also delayed flights at busy airports, cancelled Major League Baseball games, and forced many to dig out face masks from the epidemic era.

More than 400 fires have been reported statewide, and Canada has requested assistance.

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