Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy is shaping the future of immigration

Canada Global (Web News) As a major source of newcomers to Canada and the fastest growing economic region in the world, the Indo-Pacific will continue to play an important role in Canada’s immigration strategy.
Immigration Minister Sean Fraser highlighted how investing in Canada’s immigration system as part of the Indo-Pacific Strategy will bring us prosperity. 

The investment of $74·6 million over a five-year period will boost our application process locally and in the Indo-Pacific region, which includes New Delhi, Chandigarh, Islamabad and Manila, he said.
With these new resources, we will be able to handle the huge volume of visa applications received from the region and contribute to improving processing times.

 It will also improve our relationships with people and fulfill our purpose of bringing people to Canada, whether they come to visit, study, work or immigrate permanently.
In addition, we also looked at how international students have contributed to Canada’s social and economic sectors. In previous years, almost two-thirds of international students came to Canada from the Indo-Pacific region. 

Every year thousands of these students become permanent residents of Canada, thousands return home after training here and they also have a strong connection with Canada.
Funds raised through the Indo-Pacific Strategy will help strengthen Canada’s international student program and increase diversity in the region with those seeking to study here. These students will become skilled workers in Canada and help overcome the challenges facing our economy.

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