Canada to announce new sanctions against Belarus

Canada Global (Web News) Canada will announce new sanctions against Belarus, which supports Russia in its conflict with Ukraine. Foreign Minister Melanie Joly will announce the sanctions today.

It is noteworthy that the opposition leader of Belarus has visited Canada.

In a statement, Jolie said Belarusian leaders are supporting human rights abusers and paving the way for attacks on innocent people in Russia.

Canada is adding 22 Belarusian officials to its sanctions list. They would also include those involved in transporting or harboring Russian military personnel and equipment.

The sanctions will also affect 16 Belarusian companies that provide the military in the manufacturing, technology, engineering, banking and rail sectors.

The announcement comes as the country’s exiled opposition leader, Svetlana Sukhanovskaya, is on a visit to Canada to meet with Jolie, MPs and senators.

Jolie said she spoke with Svetlana about President Alexander Lukashenko’s regime and Russia’s provocations with Ukraine. The role they are playing in the war. He will also discuss the importance of restoring democracy in Belarus.

It is worth noting that Lukashenko came to power in the 2020 elections and is also called a fraud.

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