Canada needs skilled immigrants to increase housing supply, housing minister says

Canada Global (Web News) As a tsunami of retirements approaches the country’s construction industry, the federal housing minister believes skilled immigrants are required to enhance Canada’s housing supply.

We need talented immigrants to come in and assist us fill those unfilled jobs and help us expand our economy, he said, noting that there are over a million unfilled jobs in Canada. The irony is that we actually require more workers—skilled immigrants—to support our economy’s construction industry and the building trades.

“We truly need those employees to come in and assist us in constructing the housing that Canadians require.”

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser stated on November 1 that the federal government wants to see 500,000 individuals immigrate in Canada year by the year 2025.

According to Ottawa’s new plan, 500,000 immigrants will enter Canada by 2025, up from 465,000 in 2023, with a strong emphasis on admitting people based on their employment history or talents.

A poll revealed that the majority of Canadians were concerned about how the Liberal government’s proposal to boost immigration levels would effect housing and government services.

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